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Story of the Siegbachthal Rock Opera




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Balarama is a musical searcher. The German born lyricist and songwriter has explored both the physical world and a seemingly endless sea of musical genres, emerging with tracks that are hypnotic, uplifting, and full of revelations. Having spent years honing his craft, he is now emerging with some of the most meaningful tracks of his career.

The many experiences that have made Balarama’s story so unique are also the key elements of his lyricism. He carries on the traditions of love and peace that were born at Woodstock. He has written a divine rock opera inspired by the heavenly mantra entrusted to him by his guru. The story begins in 1969 and takes listeners on a celestial journey from his village in the past to the era of love he has created in the present. If you look closely at the artwork, you may even find hints as to where you can find the artist if you choose to follow this heavenly path.

He is a yoga master, a modern day philosopher, and a pilgrim. Along the way on his extensive travels, he has encountered several kindred spirits, many of which have become trusted collaborators. Together, they have made genuinely beautiful music.

On his latest tracks, Balarama has been experimenting with innovative electronic sounds. The songs take inspiration from vintage pop, rock, and soul, while using modern recording techniques to capture the energy of the performers brilliantly. These songs come from humble origins, but they are beginning to capture the imagination of listeners around the world.

Above all, the artist’s goal is to bring people together through music. His home in Siegbach, Germany is a holy place where people can come to find the essence of their divine spirit. To find peace and harmony in a world where those qualities are increasingly rare. And he may very well succeed. With a steady stream of new releases expected this year and beyond, he is poised to make an indelible impact on the international music world.

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